The Question That Changes Everything

The words just slipped from my mouth. (Part Three of Three)

10 min readApr 22, 2020


Grabbed from Pinterest (I don’t own this image)

After a while, you gently take one of my hands and guides it to your honey pot. My dick throbs against your back. It aches, but it's a satisfying ache — like the kind after a good working. We’ve given each other one helluva workout, haven’t we?

But, baby we got more to do. My dick needs to be hugged by your precious pink walls. I need to paint those walls white. Would you have my baby? Can we go half on a little troublemaker?

I ask if you want me to grab a condom. I gently rub your outer walls with only feather-light pressure. Your head leans back against me and your legs widen. You tell me no.

I’m so grateful you feel this comfortable with me. My heart overflows again with nothing but unconditional love. I almost get emotional.

“Please spend life with me,” I blurt out. Shit shit shit! Now I’ve done it. Worry rains down on my like an army of bricks.

“W-what did you say?” You ask. We both know you heard me.

“Spen-spend life with me,” I repeat with a shaky voice. My hand halts, but my other arm squeezes her tighter.

“Are you asking me to marry you? To be your wife?” You adjust so you can look into my eyes. I didn’t mean to bring it up while we were naked — and making love. It just — it just slipped out. I swear.

“Yes. Would you? Would you be my wife — one day?” I throw the one day part quickly.

You let out a small giggle. Your eyes glance past me but come right back. “Of course. Nobody else can make me feel like you do.”

I want to tackle you, hug you, kiss you, even run across the room and grab the ring. But shit, I also want to ram into that pussy. I don’t know what to do now, so I just bury my face on your neck. My dick has got to be poking a hole in your back right now.

She presses my hand against her pussy. I feel the wetness slipping out of it. I run my thumb across your clit and feel you tremble at my touch. I’ve got to fuck you now. I’ve just got to, baby.

“Make love to me- like a husband would. Let’s make love, or let’s make some more love.” Somehow your…




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